Diane is painfully aware of the spotlight on her as the daughter of the Butcher, and mistrusts strangers due to lackeys attempting to curry favors from a seemingly less intimidating personality. (they learn.) Armed only with wits and a mysterious dagger called Keeper, she travels with Commander Isandarʼs mercenaries - and an unexpected guest..




Calm and pragmatic with a voice like a foghorn, she has led the Iron Crown Brigade for decades and is a familiar -and feared- sight at the Imperiumʼs warring borders. Ambivalent about many of her clients (and the few journalists that interview her), she nonetheless holds a strong moral code - likewise with her crew, who remain fiercely loyal even despite facing suicidal contracts and hordes of Fell (demons). The payʼs worth it, they say.


The Brigadeʼs unofficial Fell consultant, sniper, and gunship pilot when hands are short, Joanna considers herself a freelancer only loyal to the highest bidder ... and a good bottle of liquor.


Isandarʼs sister and right-hand lieutenant, Tango is the explosives expert whoʼs the heart and soul of the Brigade with big kabooms and even bigger hugs.


As a prestigious Judge of the Imperium - his mission was to hunt demons (and any who try to escape the long arm of the law) - until an abrupt disappearance decades ago. In the wake of Chanderaʼs instability there are disturbing rumors of the ex-Judge reappearing ... as if the once loyal right hand to justice had turned to nefarious ends.


Captain of the Guard, and right hand to the Butcher, he and his men are ever watchful for assassination attempts, demons, and prying eyes of the Imperium's Judges.


Diane's father and de facto dictator to Chandera; he has ruled with an ruthlessly iron fist - just short of attracting the attention of the distant Imperium and its Judges. Lately, however, he has been struggling with growing unrest among citizens...