Diane Wiess thought being a dictatorʼs daughter was a rather cushy position, all things considered.

...until demons threatened the southern border of Chandera, and riots began to consume the rest. Anticipating retaliation against his misdeeds, her father strikes a deal with an equally infamous mercenary company - the Iron Crown Brigade. Their mission: escort Diane out of the crumbling country into the safe haven of the powerful Imperium, and protect her at all costs.

The demon of war bound by her mystical dagger - Keeper - complicates things.

Iron Crown is an action-adventure story that was inspired from the question of: what would it be like for a dictatorʼs daughter to survive a coup, and what kind of life does she forge afterwards?  What ensues is a high-octane story with a richly detailed world, wry humor, and a colorful cast of mercenaries that happily embrace Diane as family as she hunts for ex-Judge Abraxas - the one who started it all. Along the way, as Diane reluctantly confronts the shadows of her fatherʼs dark legacy, and begins to piece together the enigma of Shard - the arch-demon and her shadow in the journey - as he faces his own bloodstained past.

This comic updates every Monday and is recommended for readers aged 15+ due to (gun-) violence, language, and war themes.


"krad" is the writer, artist, and all-around creator of IRON CROWN.  When not working on comics, they work on toy design. Has a fondness for cats, too many disney villains, and coffee. (Precious, precious coffee.)  For immediate contact, please email kradeelav (at) gmail (dot) com

'Lanthanoid" is a comics editor and stitches IRON CROWN back up when needed. Reach her on twitter at QapitalK.


Q: When does the comic update? 

A: Mondays - Iron Crown also has its own twitter for update notifications.  A buffer is established for timely updates, and with luck and extra wiggle room, eventually updates may happen x2 a week!

Q: What do you do aside from comics? 

A: Currently a graphic designer for an international toy company, though I cut my chops in wayfinding/architectural design. I've also worked on mall murals, personal websites, cosplay mockups, and nearly everything art-related under the sun.

Q: How do you create the comic pages?  What brushes do you use?  

A: I use Photoshop CS5 and a Wacom tablet for most of the sketching, layout, and coloring.  Lettering is done in llustrator CS5.  As for brushes, I heartily reccomend Kyle T. Webster’s brush pack. Worth every penny!

Q: Where else do you post your works?

A: My tumblr is by far the most frequently updated place, but you can also find my works at twitter, artstation, and deviantart.