Diane Wiess thought being a dictator's daughter was a rather cushy position, all things considered.

...until demons threatened the southern border of Chandera, and riots began to consume the rest. Anticipating retaliation against his misdeeds, her father strikes a deal with an equally infamous mercenary company - the Iron Crown Brigade. Their mission: escort Diane out of the crumbling country into the safe haven of the powerful Imperium, and protect her at all costs.

The demon of war bound by her mystical dagger - Keeper - complicates things.

Iron Crown is an action-adventure story that was inspired from the question of: what would it be like for a dictatorʼs daughter to survive a coup, and what kind of life does she forge afterwards?  What ensues is a high-octane story with a richly detailed world, wry humor, and a colorful cast of mercenaries that happily embrace Diane as family as she hunts for ex-Judge Abraxas - the one who started it all. Along the way, as Diane reluctantly confronts the shadows of her fatherʼs dark legacy, and begins to piece together the enigma of Shard - the arch-demon and her shadow in the journey - as he faces his own bloodstained past.


"krad" is the writer, artist, and all-around creator of IRON CROWN.  When not working on comics, they work in toy design. Also has a fondness for cats, too many disney villains, and coffee. (Precious, precious coffee.)  For immediate contact or freelance opportunities, please email kradeelav (at) gmail (dot) com

'Lantha" is a comics editor and stitches IRON CROWN back up when needed. Reach her on twitter at koi_emperor.

Hiveworks is an indie comics publisher operating since 2011, with a focus on inclusive and free-to-read stories.  Visit them at hiveworkscomics.com.


Q: Is the comic appropriate / what are the content warnings for IRON CROWN?

A: As stated elsewhere, IRON CROWN's rating is T+ / R16; so use your best judgement. There will be occasional gore, (gun-)violence, mildly disturbing body horror, swears aplenty, and a whole load of shenanigans with demons.

Q: How do you draw each page? / (& general questions about tools & process)

A: I do my work digitally through a Wacom Intuos 3, Photoshop CS5 for the pencils/lines/colors, and Illustrator for the lettering.  Any further details on process can probably be answered on my patreon, where I frequently post "work in progress" screenshots and write detailed explanations of each step.  Please consider supporting me there if you're curious.

Q: This week's page was late!

A: Not a fan of late pages either, but as IC is not my main source of income, my day-job comes first, and then patreon.  If the day ever comes that I can switch over to making comics full-time, then that'll be addressed with more urgency.

Q: I want to make fanart/fanfic/fanworks of your comic!

A: You're too sweet!  Please know you have my wholehearted permission and thanks.  While I may not view/comment/promote every piece due to various reasons, do know your effort and enthusiasm is appreciated.

Q: Can I buy IRON CROWN anywhere?  What about merch?

A: There are eventual plans on making this into books with ~3 chapters apiece, however that probably won't happen until winter 2019 at the earliest. Merch (posters, sketchbooks, etc) is planned eventually as well - feel free to drop a line to tell what you want specifically.

: Where else do you post your works?

A: My tumblr is by far the most frequently updated place, but you can also find my works at twitter, artstation, and deviantart.